Eden Tigers Brand Sun

Reserve Grade! Merimbula Pambula 56 Eden 4

June 19th 2009

Everbody turned up, but no one turned up to play. That was the story of the night when Eden played Pambula in the reserves fixture at Pambula Sports Complex on Friday night. Eden had 23 people wanting to play when only 19 are allowed. Corey Stewart had a selection nightmare and someone was bound to be disappointed. Corey dropped himself but still others missed out and not everyone was entirely happy. We had lots of players but nobody willing to play. Perhaps they looked around and seen Tsai Tui ready to play so he can get some match fitness and become a force in first grade or Sugar Mongta warming up to deliver his own brand of magic play and everybody else thought 'this is going to be easy, just a stroll in the park, we only have to walk out on the field and we win'. Well the opposition certainly had other ideas, fielding the only team the combined towns of Merimbula and Pambula can put together (really Victorian towns surrounded by NSW) and playing against the second best team the single town of Eden could put on the field, they simply cut lose with an exciting brand of play and were leading 20-0 before the shell shocked Eden side knew what hit them. At this stage most of the Tigers had given up and the rest were playing to contain the damage. Pambula led 36-0 at half time and ran out winners by 56-4. The abundance of players and the selection and or culling of the team before the game had everyone on edge and this plus the bitterly cold weather may have also contributed to the demise of Eden.