About the Great Aussie Home Page

A Home page is the first page that opens when you start your internet browser. thinks your home page should be full of all your favorite links and not your internet providers main page or some other company's web site that you never look at.
Hence they created The Great Aussie Home Page for all Aussies to enjoy.
Click on the links to the left to jump to that section on the right and then click on a image on the right to go to that web site. It is that simple.
Are your favorite web sites missing? Shame on us. Drop us an email at and will have them added.
Not sure how to make this you home page? See below for a detailed explanation.

Change your home page to the Great Aussie Home Page

It is very easy to change your home page. The instructions are slightly different for the various major web browsers:

Firefox for any operating system

Changing your home page in Firefox is easy. Just follow these steps:

Internet Explorer for Windows

Safari for MacOS X

Changing your home page in Safari isn't tough either:


Opera changes the home page in pretty much the same way as the rest:

Special Opera note: by default, Opera doesn't load your home page when you start it up. Opera comes to the same pages you were looking at when you shut down your computer last.

The home page is loaded only if Opera crashes or you close all of your Opera windows intentionally before restarting. If you wish to change this behavior, change the selection in the "Startup" menu at the top of the "General" tab to "Start with home page."

Other Browsers

Other browsers offer a similarly friendly way to change the home page. In a few cases, you may need to copy and paste the URL of the current page from the address bar at the top of your browser window into a "home page" field in your browser's options. In others, you can simply drag the icon to the left of the URL to the "home" icon in the toolbar.