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Community Public Meeting

A community public meeting will be held on Thursday 19th January 2012 in the Eden Fisherman's Club auditorium starting at 6 pm to discuss the proposed construction of a Wind Farm in Twofold Bay. As a resident/visitor to our beautiful 'Wilderness Coast' your attendance is encouraged & will provide you with an opportunity to hear & ask questions about how this wind farm will immediately affect Eden for the next 30 + years if constructed. There will be speakers from both sides of the debate. All concerned citizens are encouraged to attend.

About this Website

This web site belongs to the "Save Twofold Bay" community which is a not for profit community organisation which seeks to maintain the integrity of Twofold Bay as an important element in Australia's Coastal Wilderness and to preserve its aesthetic, cultural, heritage and recreational values for the benefit of future generations.

The Save Twofold Bay community are dedicated to keeping Eden and Twofold Bay wind farm free. If you believe windfarms are a good idea or simply do not know much about them then we challenge you to read these web pages with an open mind. We are not against renewable energy sources and are as concerned as the next person about the environment. It is just that we do not believe erecting wind farms in Twofold Bay is a practical idea.

Why We Are Against Wind Farms in Twofold Bay

Browse these pages and you will find out why we are against wind farms in Twofold Bay. Start with the links page and read the "The Truth About Wind Farms" by Colin Davidson. Then read about, and look at photos of Wind Turbines on fire and ask yourself is that right for our wilderness coast. Next read about the detrimental effect of Wind Turbines on land prices, view the large area of marine radio interference the proposed development will cause and look at the photos in the gallery to see the effect they will have on our picturesque coastline.

If you are still not convinced read about the toxic lakes in China or the Danish Wind Farm facts. After uncovering the real truth about wind farms you will understand why so many people are against wind farms in general and especialy to wind farms in our beautiful Twofold Bay.