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Wind Farming: Main issues

Wind Farming:

Main issues:


*  Impact on the landscape

*  economic: land values,(Drop of $100,000) sea/country change,

*  visual; scenic beauty destroyed forever

*  birds- wedge tailed eagles, hawks,etc - proximity to National Park

*  Is the contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases clear, undeniable and proven?

*  What is the reduction of tonnage of coal burnt? - no-one can provide any evidence to show that there is any. There may be a reduction in energy Output from the power station but because it cannot be turned off, coal must continue to be burned

*  Not one fossil fuelled power station has been shut down due to wind energy.

*  Wind energy is an addition to energy NOT a replacement

*  Turbines can only operate at 25% of their capacity. They cannot generate energy unless there is wind of 8 miles per hour and as soon as the wind is strong enough to really generate energy the turbines must be turned off so that they will not fall down

*  These turbines are 100m tall - the equvalent of a 20 storey building and the breadth of the blades are the span of a Jumbo jet. There is 600 tons of concrete needed to support them.

*  Wind turbines should not be erected for the fuzzy green warm feeling- their benefits must be proven Statewide, nationally and globally beyond doubt

*  Landholders that have been approached have signed a confidentiality agreement NOT to talk to neighbours or get involved in Community discussions.

This has caused division in the community in other areas. It is a secret and devisive way to approach the issue and it is appalling that best friends, neighbours and generations of friendships have been ruined.

*  When the size of a wind farm is beyond a certain size, it is taken out of the hands of the local government and the decision making is done by the State Government. This is totally undemocratic.

*  Wind companies in Europe are driving the push into Australia. It is not a green issue it is a money issue

*  Wind farms are highly subsidised

*  Political parties embrace the wind farms because they are "seen to be green" and do not have to address the fossil fuel issue.

*  A few landholders are set to benefit from the income from the turbines to the detriment of the countryside and the rest of the wider community. Many of these landholders do not live on their blocks and it is their neighbours and the rest of the community that have to live with the turbines.

*  We are lucky to live in one of the most pristine, wild and stunningly beautiful landscapes in the world. Many of the wild and beautiful places such as the Scottish moors and the Lakes District in England have already been destroyed by wind farms.

*  There is massive opposition to wind farms in Europe now and many are being dismantled

*  Eminent people such as David Bellamy, Prof. James Lovelock and Pro. David Hall are vehemently opposed to wind farms


In Victoria there is uncontrollable development of wind farms occurring all over the State. The State Government has approved wind farms with no real community discussion and they are being erected in the most scenically beautiful areas such as the Great Ocean road and around Wilson's Promontary.