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Community Public Meeting

A community public meeting will be held on Thursday 19th January 2012 in the Eden Fisherman's Club auditorium starting at 6 pm to discuss the proposed construction of a Wind Farm in Twofold Bay. As a resident/visitor to our beautiful 'Wilderness Coast' your attendance is encouraged & will provide you with an opportunity to hear & ask questions about how this wind farm will immediately affect Eden for the next 30 + years if constructed. There will be speakers from both sides of the debate. All concerned citizens are encouraged to attend.

Local News

The proposed wind farm development in Twofold bay has stirred a lot of community debate. The below are links to articles written in the local papers:-
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Turbulence boils over wind farm. Dec 22nd 2011
People of Eden do matter. Dec 22nd 2011
Wind farm opponents 'aided and abetted' by climate sceptic groups. Dec 20th 2011
Wind farm firm seeks hearing on noise rules. Dec 19th 2011
Storm brewing. Dec 14th 2011
Nott "pulling our leg" on wind farms. Dec 8th 2011
Wind Farm Disaster. April 14th 2011