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Concerns with the Eden Wind Farm proposal.

Concerns with the proposed Eden wind farm

*        It would substantially detract from views across Twofold Bay. The wind turbines are extremely high and they would be too close to the Eden township.

*        It would spoil the tourist impression of a pristine Twofold Bay landscape.

*        It would cause reduction in income for businesses which rely on tourist expenditure and may reduce job opportunities in such businesses.

*        It would be an unwelcome industrial intrusion, spoiling enjoyment of the coastline for locals as well as visitors to the Sapp0hire Coast.

*        Huge turbines would overwhelm Twofold Bay features like our precious Boyd's Tower.

*        It would cause bitter divisions within the Eden community and loss of pride in our magnificent locality.

*        No landowners would get any financial benefit, other than SEFE.

*        It would cause economic loss within the Eden community due to loss of tourist revenue and interest in houses with views over the bay which would greatly outweigh any economic benefits for the community claimed by the developer.

*        It would bring about reduction in monetary value and residents' enjoyment of properties with views over Twofold Bay.

*        Illumination of the wind farm by chipmill lights at night would be very disturbing.

*        The area is known as Sea Eagle habitat and consultants admit to risk of fatal bird strike by turbine blades.

*        The people of Eden were overjoyed when the storage tanks on the Mobil and BP sites were removed, but a wind farm would create a new industrial eyesore.

*        A wind farm would be inconsistent with our inclusion in Australia's Coastal Wilderness.

*        The wind farm would be constructed, erected and maintained by expert teams from outside our region. The few promised jobs for locals would be minor and of short duration. Jobs in tourist-related businesses could be lost.

*        This is a one-sided proposal. The wind farm developer would get taxpayer funded subsidies and make plenty of money, leaving the people of Eden and the region with the social, environmental and economic costs.