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An Invitation to Educators - Share you great ideas with the world

This web site was born from the need to compile a collection of teaching resources as part of an assessment task requested by the Monash University under the Information Technology and Computers component of their Graduate Diploma of Education. The assessment task wanted students to build a database of resources they could use in their teaching careers. There are many experienced teachers out there, perhaps nearing retirement, who have spent their careers compiling just such a collection of resources. Do not let that collection retire with you. Share it with the world. The biggest, most accessible database system known to man is the World Wide Web. It may be random, mostly uncategorised and sometimes difficult to navigate around but it is still the best collection of information in existence. Hence my response to the assessment task was to create this web site, one which I could continually build upon, not just for the duration of the assessment task but for the duration of my teaching career. It is hoped that other teachers may stumble across this site during their own hunt for resources and that those same teachers may wish to share their own ideas, resources and especially lessons plans and lesson sets so that they may be included on these pages. Hence this web site is an open invitation to all other educators. Please join me in creating a collection of teaching resources by emailing me your ideas on what else should be included on these pages. If your have a great idea then why not share it with the World.


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