Cai Rang Floating Markets Gallery

An early morning boat trip heading up river from Can Tho and we arrived at the Cai Rang floating markets. Row upon row of large moored boats, all with hulls full of fruit, vegetables and other produce. Smaller boats jostling for position alongside, ready to barter for that bargain. Tourists boats a plenty, mostly unwelcome, except by mothers and children offering fruit and drinks to their moneyloaded content, and every gap in between housing a flotilla of odd looking vessels. Small, large and medium, long and short, thin and fat, painted or bare wooden vessels with one, two or several families of people on board. Vessels whose captains seemed to have no apparent purpose but an early morning chat. An amazing glimpse into everyday Mekong life. Well worth a look.

From the markets we went to a noodle factory then up a smaller side channel to a plantation and then to an alligator farm. After lunch back at Can Tho we boarded a bus for Sam Mountain near Chau Doc.

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