The Mekong Delta around My Tho Gallery

The first day of our Mekong Delta tour really started when we boarded the boat at My Tho. The rest of the day was really well organised with scheduled stops at a coconut candy factory, followed by lunch at Phoenix island and then a row boat ride up a narrow canal to enjoy some tropical fruit. At the coconut candy factory we got to handle a fat snake. The lunch stop had some alligators in keeping and then during the row boat ride we got to wear the traditional vietnam hats. We disembarked on one side of Phoenix island and after lunch embarked on the other side. Now some people might not like visiting places in tour groups and I usually don't, but for mine the amount of action we crammed into each day and the convenience made the tour a real winner and I could not imagine having any more fun if you went it alone.

At the end of the boat rides we waited around to get on another bus (combining all the 2 day tour people) which took us by road to Can Tho. Near Can Tho there was a long line of traffic waiting to drive on the car ferry but everyone just walked down to the ferry terminal and watched as dusk developed across the Mekong.

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