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An Email from Kellie Harman

Hello Neil,

I was reading the latest article in the Magnet about your efforts to oppose the Epuron Wind Farm and would like to offer my support. I live in Melbourne but have been holidaying at Eden regularly my whole life, my parents and grandparents made this their traditional camping spot and now my own children come here and we all dearly love Twofold Bay. I have other friends and extended family who also visit Eden regularly. I would hate to see the proposed wind farm go ahead. We camp at Shadracks Creek and love the spectacular unspoilt view. The proposed wind farm would ruin it.

Could you tell me in what ways I and my family might productively support your efforts to oppose the building of the wind farm. I am in Eden this week til Thursday, then will be back in Melbourne. Perhaps a tourist perspective may be of value? Please let me know how I can help.

Kellie Harman