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Neil Rankin's Letter to the Editor

Neil Rankin

91 Khandallah Road

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31 October 2011


The Editor

The Magnet Newspaper

Imlay Street

Eden, NSW 2551


Dear Madam


SEFE Workers as Guinea Pigs


It could only happen to Eden - a world first! Wind turbines right inside an open workplace and people working underneath.


Yes, farmers work below wind turbines, but only briefly to herd their sheep etc. SEFE workers would be exposed for a full shift over a 24 hour period whenever the turbines were working.


Wind turbines mean work hazards for SEFE employees

These OH&S hazards include:


The Epuron spin doctors would have you believe that it's all OK, but can you take such a serious risk?


It is about time that the unions got their heads out of the sand to look after the workers that they are meant to protect. I challenge the unions to better inform their workmates about these risks and to have a secret ballot to find out how the workers feel about worksite risks which haven't existed before. I don't want to know the result and I don't want it advertised. I want the unions to get an appreciation of the workers' honest, unforced views. I want you to look after my mates below.


I have rallied in support of the chipmill ever since it started, but now I have doubts. How dare SEFE, after all these years of loyalty from the people of Eden, even think about allowing Epuron to come onto their site to deface our beautiful bay with seven white scarecrows. You are now splitting the town in two and dividing your work force and friends as well. This is a clear case of shooting yourself in the foot.


An action group "Help Save Twofold Bay" has been set up. SEFE workers welcome. Contact Neil Rankin.


Neil Rankin